How Christmas Scents Can Bring Joy, Decrease Stress and Invigorate Minds in Your Business this Holiday Season

Winter is a wonderland of scents that brings memories of holidays past back to

Hot gingerbread coming out of the oven, the fresh smell of pine trees, and the
invigorating scent of peppermint all work their wonders on us to bring joy, lower
stress and even encourage us to make those Christmas lists and check them twice.

More and more companies understand the power of scent marketing, which uses
familiar scents to connect with memories that affect our feelings and actions.
Choosing from thousands of available scents, companies are using cold diffusion
scent machines to disperse fragrances in their spaces and help achieve desired

With the Christmas season upon us, here are some ways that familiar holiday scents
can help your business.

Gingerbread Scent: Enhance Joy, Reduce Stress and Stimulate Appetite

The warm scent of gingerbread with notes of spices such as ginger, cinnamon,
nutmeg and cloves takes us back to a childhood where we felt safe and secure.

Several spices are at work here to produce these results:

  • Cinnamon works to invigorate and warm the senses as well as to produce
    feelings of joy.
  • Nutmeg works to reduce stress, lower anxiety and increase calmness,
    relaxation and happiness.
  • And ginger stimulates the appetite.

Who wouldn’t want these qualities wafting through the air in their business to
encourage a more positive environment for employees and customers?

The Scent of Pine: Decreases Holiday Anxiety

The scent of evergreen Christmas trees such as balsam, fir and pine take us on a
walk down memory lane that makes us feel warm and comfortable.

In fact, according to a Japanese study, participants who took a real walk through
pine forests reported significantly lower levels of depression and stress. The study
also found that anxious subjects reported an increased feeling of relaxation after
experiencing the scent.

And pine scent offers a big bonus as it’s been found to increase shoppers spending
by as much as 20%.

Break out the pine scent and watch your sales go up while your anxieties go down!

Peppermint Scent: Invigorate The Mind

The scent of peppermint, which is found in holiday treats such as candy canes,
peppermint-flavored hot chocolate and Christmas teas, invigorates the mind and
increases motivation.

Hospitals are even using peppermint to help keep staff alert between long shifts.

If you want to keep your office staff at peak performance during a time of year when
distractions abound, try scenting with peppermint.

Spice Up Your Business with Holiday Scents

Thanks to popular holiday fragrances such as gingerbread, pine and peppermint,
your business or retail shop can remind folks of pleasant moments of the past as
well as work their wonders to bring joy, reduce stress and perhaps even pull out
their wallets.