15 seconds after they arrive

shoppers begin mentally rating their experience.

Scent encourages shoppers to make purchases and build a lasting connection.


The human sense of smell is so developed that it can detect some 10,000 different scents. And because the sense of smell is located so close to the emotional center of the brain (the limbic center), scents are often tied to emotions or feelings.

What scents work best for retail

Floral fragrances, which prompt men and women to linger longer; rose maroc, which has been shown to increase sales among men; and a vanilla scent, which increases trust and prompts sales among women.

Scent Sells

More and more retailers are discovering the advantages of scenting their stores. Here are some key benefits:


Keep customers on the Sales floor longer

Enhance buyers’ mood

Encourage purchasing decisions

Relax customers

Trigger memory to drive repeat business

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How scenting works

Small, medium or large, we have the perfect scenting solution for your aroma needs. Our cold-air diffusions systems are designed to dispense just the right amount of aroma to fill your space.

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