See Real Results with Aroma Therapy for Memory Care.

The use of scent programs in memory care is growing as program directors learn about the effectiveness of aroma for their resident care experience.


• Slow the speed of decline

• Reduce behavioral problems

• Stimulate appetite

• Increase family visits

Aroma Therapy conditions the environment and helps transition residents through the natural rhythms of the day.

Aroma Therapy for Memory Care effectively helps residents adapt to their illness and live a fuller life. The therapy program is designed to accomplish very specific goals, based on a daily rotation of three specially chosen scents. Everything needed for successful program implementation is included.

Easy Implementation

  • Our Fulfillment team provides step-by-step installation assistance by phone

  • We work closely with the Memory Care director and staff to determine ideal placement and scent levels

  • The scent schedule is established, based on your preferences and daily rhythm

  • The Aroma Impressions team follows up frequently to ensure everything is going smoothly

Ongoing Support

  • Enjoy reliable Customer Service so you’re never “on your own”

  • Our Fulfillment team is available for questions, adjustments, and hardware support

  • Aroma refills arrive at appropriate intervals

  • Many more aromas, including holiday scents, are available upon request
  • Program Director
    Everything arrived to my building as requested. Thank you so much. That was extremely quick on your end. Thank you for making this an easy process!
    Program Director
  • Memory Care Director
    We have chosen the Bergamont Orange, Cinnabun, & Lavender Basil Flowers for our scents. Thanks again... the aroma system is working great and we also have received compliments with our tours and visitors this week.
    Memory Care Director

Programmed Aromas for Memory Care


Citrus-based scents boost energy and improve mental clarity, helping residents prepare for the day ahead.

Meal Time

Food-based scents are used to stimulate appetite, which is often diminished due to memory loss, resulting in poor nutrition and weight loss.


Herbal and lavender-based scents encourage rest and relaxation, especially in reducing the common occurrence of ‘sundowning’, often characterized by confused and agitated behavior.

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