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Our aroma systems will make your gym smell great.

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Gym’s that currently use our fragrances are experiencing great feedback:

  • Mitch Hearne, General Manager
    The Scent system works really well.  We are scenting our work out area and Members say it smells better in here.   No issues.  It’s going well.
    Mitch Hearne, General Manager
    Gold's Gym
  • Paul, Front Desk — Chapel Hill
    When I come in, the gym smells great… and Members comment about how good it smells.
    Paul, Front Desk — Chapel Hill
    Gold's Gym
  • Andrew, Front Desk - Pocatello, ID
    Our Members are enjoying it!  I hear compliments every day, saying “It smells good… It’s smells clean.
    Andrew, Front Desk - Pocatello, ID
    Gold's Gym


Scenting Extinguishes Bad Smells


If you’ve ever wondered where that smell comes from, wonder no more.

  • A survey of those who worked out in gyms revealed that: 16 percent don’t wash their workout clothes and 33 percent exercise without deodorant.
  • Research has also shown that “micrococci”, an odor-causing bacteria, seem to thrive in polyester fabrics favored by many athletes over cotton because it “breathes”.
  • And then there are those stinky shoes, a result of bacteria that populate in warm, moist, dark conditions found inside a gym shoe accompanied by a sweaty foot.

Gyms are literally full of exercising stink bombs.

As strong as these reeking bacteria are, they are no match for today’s scent distribution systems, which neutralize unpleasant odors with ambient aromas that are pleasing, but not overpowering.


Scent Marketing Gives You a Competitive Edge

Gyms and fitness clubs compete on a variety of levels: price, amenities and environment to name a few. Many are finding that scent marketing gives them an edge over the competition. When customers shop for a gym, they often visit and compare facilities. A scented environment has a distinct advantage.

Our technology even allows for scenting different areas of your gym with targeted scents.

  • Diffuse subtle and enticing aromas in your reception area to create a memorable first and last impression.
  • Provide locker rooms with a cleansing, anti-bacterial and re-energizing experience.
  • Scent cardio areas or studios with special odor neutralizers to reduce residual odors and leave a fresh clean smell.

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Popular Scents for Gym Environments

Use subtle scents throughout your gym to create a healthy and rejuvenated environment.