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Using a custom fragrance is an effective way of making your guests feel comfortable and stick around longer.


More and more casinos are discovering the benefits of scenting their locations.

The human sense of smell is so developed that it can detect some 10,000 different scents. And because the sense of smell is located so close to the emotional center of the brain (the limbic center), scents are often tied to emotions, feelings and memories.

What responses would you like to achieve?

  • Create a deeper more memorable experience: People who enjoy a scented experience, create an imprinted memory about that experience.
  • Lengthen play time: Guests tend to stay longer and play more in a pleasant smelling space – up to 40% longer.
  • Increase spending: In a 2006 a study by Alan R. Hirsch sited that scent increased revenues by 45% - 53%.


Connect With Your Guests Through Scent Marketing

You want your guests to feel calm and comfortable when they're gaming in your casino. Scents like these can help create an atmosphere that encourages your guests to stay in your casino longer.