Smell & Anxiety are the Top Complaints Among
Dental Care Patients

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Whether you want to scent your waiting room, dental treatment rooms, or staff break areas, we can provide a cost-effective scenting solution that delivers unique aromas to targeted areas of your facility.


Reduce patient anxiety!

Learn how using Aroma in your waiting room and dental treatment areas can help reduce stress.


By scenting your patient waiting rooms we can help your patients relax and make them even more likely to show up for their dental appointments.

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Common scents for Dental Offices


Dental offices often trigger feelings of anxiety. However, scents like these are helping to relax patients and provide a better work environment for staff.

Experience a Better Way

We're not your average plug-in or janitorial spray.

The human sense of smell can differentiate between 10,000 scents! It's perhaps the most mysterious yet highly-developed of the five senses. Our aroma oils are designed to create a deeper experience that will differentiate your practice and produce an environment patients and staff will love.

  • Eliminate distracting odors
  • Reduce patient anxiety
  • Promote a positive work environment

Our cold air diffusion technology is your answer to consistently and efficiently scenting your office.