How Scent Marketing in Nursing Homes Makes a Winning First Impression

How Scent Marketing in Nursing Homes Makes a Winning First Impression

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Did you know that when guests enter your senior care facility that you have just 15 seconds to win them over? Read on to find out how scent marketing in nursing homes can help make a winning first impression in your facility.

Research shows that the first few seconds of a shopper’s experience sets the tone for the overall perception. And during that quarter of a minute, your visiting seniors and their families are using their senses of sight, sound and even smell to gather information that informs their first impression of your facility.

Given that you have just seconds to create a winning first impression, every detail in your lobby counts including:
• The décor and furnishings
• The style of overhead music
• The scents wafting through the air
• The receptionist

All elements work together to create that first impression, which then influences the decision-making process. And while every element is critical to making a winning first impression, none is more powerful than what your visitors smell.

Scent: What Your Visitors Will Remember

According to Ad Age, “Smells are more quickly and strongly associated with memories than visual or auditory cues because smell is the only sense directly connected to the brain’s limbic system, which houses emotions and memories, {say} scent experts.”

Even after one year, most people can recall a smell along with details of an event or experience.

Given the remarkable impact that smells makes on memories, scent could be the wisest marketing investment you make that your visitors never see.

From hospitals, physicians’ offices and dental practices to imaging centers, outpatient treatment centers and senior care facilities, the healthcare industry is discovering the scientifically-proven benefits of scenting spaces.

Most are using new state-of-the-art scent distribution systems that disperse fragrances evenly over large spaces. These cold-infusion scent distribution systems atomize essential oils, convert them into molecules and disperse them throughout the environment.

Thousands of scents and scent combinations are available through essential oils: scents that connect with the brain’s memory center, help recall good memories and make memorable first impressions.

Here are five ways scent marketing in nursing homes can help your senior care facility make a memorable first impression in those first 15 seconds.

#1: Use scent marketing in nursing homes to trigger familiar memories

When visitors enter your facility, you want them to feel comfortable. You want them to imagine living in your facility and calling it home.

Scent is a powerful tool for helping recall memories of familiar surroundings. It’s all about triggering a memory to evoke a response.

For example, if you wanted visitors to connect with the cleanliness of your facility, you might scent your lobby with a citrus fragrance, which is also known to energize and promote a sense of community.

#2: Use scent to enhance perception

Although your lobby may be beautiful and your overhead music appropriate, a pleasant and inviting scent can enhance a visitor’s perception of your facility even more.

The scent of cinnamon, for example, promotes alertness, focus and a sense of purpose – all positive attributes you want visitors to experience while touring your senior care facility.

A scent like this can connect your visitors to a memory that creates a powerful first impression, paving the way for a promising interaction with facility administration and staff.

#3: Use scent to improve your interior

If your senior care facility needs a cosmetic lift and your budget is limited, try scenting. It offers a more economical update than fresh paint and new decor.

Some scents can even influence how a room’s size is perceived. For example, light scents such as green apple, cucumber, or citrus have been proven to make spaces feel larger and more open while spicy, woodsy or sweet scents can have the opposite affect.

#4: Use scent marketing in nursing homes to elevate mood

Visiting a senior care facility is often emotional for the senior and family. It can involve feelings of separation, loss and even grief for the senior who is giving up home, friends and independence.

You can use scent to elevate mood, helping your visitors feel more relaxed and happy.

For example, in one published study, researchers found that the scent of vanilla elevated feelings of joy and relaxation.

A little scent can go a long way in helping your visitors to feel comfortable and make a positive connection with your facility.

#5: Use scent to elongate the visit

Research shows that some scents encourage shoppers to linger, which increases intent to purchase.

For example, Nike found that adding scent to their stores increased intent to purchase by 80%. And research shows that floral fragrances are known to prompt men and women to linger longer.

Although your senior care facility isn’t a retail shop in an outlet mall, you do want to encourage visitors to linger, which gives them more time to imagine what it might be like to live in your center. The longer they stay, the better they may feel about moving there.

The Aroma Impressions Advantage

Give us a call if you would like more information about how scent can help your senior care facility make a remarkable first impression that:
• Triggers familiar memories
• Enhances perception
• Improves your interior
• Elevates mood
• And elongates visits

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