Three Ways Scent is a Sure Bet Against Smoke in Your Casino

When research company Meyer and Johnson performed a study on casino atmosphere from a slot machine player’s perspective, they concluded that odor is one of the primary factors which contributes to a successful casino atmosphere.

If your casino is located in one of the 26 states that allow smoking in gambling facilities, that can work both for and against you.

While a legal smoking environment attracts smokers – and business – it can also repel those concerned about the health risks of second hand smoke as well as those who don’t want to smell it, or smell like smoke when they leave.

And that could be costing you money.


Your solution is scent marketing

A human being’s sense of smell is a powerful tool, connecting the outside world to the brain’s memory center.

That’s why the scent of vanilla takes you back to your mom’s kitchen; the scent of fresh-cut grass evokes a memory of your dad mowing the lawn; and the whiff of a familiar perfume or cologne reminds you of a former love.

In the same way, the scent of smoke may evoke pleasant memories for your patrons who smoke, but produce negative associations for your non-smoking patrons.

And that can put you, the casino owner or manager, in a catch-22.

New scenting technology uses high-quality aroma oils and cold air diffusion systems to disperse odor neutralizing aromas that can connect with the brain’s memory center and help influence human behavior.

Thousands of scents and scent combinations are available, empowering companies to evoke memories, tap into emotions and elicit responses.


Three Advantages in One

Although the idea of scenting isn’t new, the sophisticated technology employed by cold-air scent diffusion machines is cutting-edge, offering three distinct advantages over traditional scenting methods:


Consistency of scent

Traditional scenting options have a limited range.  And given the size of most casinos, that range just doesn’t do the trick. The scent doesn’t travel far enough or with enough strength to give consistent coverage.

But cold-air scent diffusion machines are designed to scent evenly over large spaces. You not only get your scent delivered throughout your game room or facility, it’s as effective for those standing across the room from the scent machine as for those standing right next to it.


Customization of scent

Traditional scenting options are not only limited in scope but also limited in fragrance options. And these fragrances are often cliché, tired and unimaginative.

With new the new scenting technology, you can choose from hundreds of scents and scent combinations and even have a signature scent designed that becomes part of your brand.

The possibilities are virtually endless. You can smell any way you want.


Scent targeted areas

Cold-air scent diffusion systems can be placed strategically throughout your casino to deliver targeted scents that achieve strategic objectives.

For example:

  • A citrus scent can elicit a reaction of ‘cleanliness’ in your restrooms.
  • A food scent near your dining area can encourage patrons to stop and eat.
  • A floral scent in your gaming area can help patrons relax and decrease anxiety.
  • You might even want to use the scents of cinnamon or peppermint in your staff lounges to help keep your team invigorated and energized.

These cold-air scent distribution machines give you the power to enhance the experience for any number of reasons or locations in your casino. In essence, you are creating a sensory experience throughout your facility that serves each of your targeted populations: visitors, guests and staff.


A Sure Bet

If you’re concerned about how the scent of smoke might be turning off some of your non-smoking patrons, consider using a cold-air scent diffusion system in your casino or gaming facility.

The science is real, the results proven and the effects a sure bet… Click Here to Learn More