February 20, 2017

How Scent Marketing and the Scent of Vanilla Can Spice Up Your Business

The scent of vanilla is, perhaps, the most universal scent of childhood. Baked into cakes and cookies, poured into milk with a spoonful of sugar, and […]
January 30, 2017

Four Reasons Why You Should Have an Aroma Machine in Your Senior Care Facility!

When my grandmother made the choice to move to a senior care facility, there was a sigh of relief in the family. She was 83 years […]
January 23, 2017

Scent Marketing for Gyms: A Breath of Fresh Air

We all know “that smell”. It’s distinctive, yet a mixture of scents that waft through the air of one of America’s favorite hangouts. Featuring top notes of […]
January 13, 2017

Why The Smell of Fear Is Hurting Your Dental Practice and How Scent for Business Can Make a Difference

If you are a dentist or work in a dental office, you know that some of your patients are afraid of you. In fact, studies show […]
January 11, 2017

Three Reasons Scent Marketing Makes Business Sense for Gyms

The ‘Y’ used to be the only game in town. From the late 1800’s to the mid 1900’s, the YMCA and the YWCA (its counterpart for […]
January 6, 2017

There’s No Place Like Home

Five Ways Senior Care Facilities Bring Home to Healthcare   Few storied characters epitomize the longing for home than that of Dorothy in the iconic movie […]
January 4, 2017

Connect with your customers through “Emotional Anchoring”

In today’s media-rich world we’re bombarded with more stimulation than ever. Thousands of visual and auditory messages on television, radio, billboards, cell phones, computers and tablets […]