How Scent Marketing Can Make Your Dental Practice Not Smell Like One

You may be accustomed to the various scents wafting around your dental practice, but those smells may be hurting your patient retention rates.
That’s because the sense of smell is connected to the memory center (limbic system) of the brain, connecting pleasant scents to positive memories and unpleasant scents to negative memories.
Patients who have had a negative dental experience – or who may have an unhealthy fear of treatment – may associate certain scents with dental work, leading them to avoid you and make appointments only when necessary.

However, a new scent marketing technology can


The Culprits of Dental Office Scent

There are three primary sources of dental office scent:

  • Chemical products such as Formo-creasol, Cresatin, Acrylic Monomer and Eugenol also referred to as ‘clove oil’. One research study found that “clove oil invokes sensations of anxiety and fear in people who dislike the dentist.”
  • Cleaning products including antibacterial soap, disinfectant wipes and even latex gloves: a necessary part of hygiene but off-putting to some.
  • Unpleasant odors from dental procedures like fillings and root canals: in particular the malodor of ‘tooth dust’ created during the drilling of teeth.


A New Solution: Scent

While dental office scent is a natural byproduct of good dental care, more and more dentists are using new state-of- the-art scent marketing technology to eliminate negative scents and help keep patients focused on the positive aspects of the visit.
New cold-infusion scent distribution systems atomize fragrance oils, convert them into molecules and disperse them evenly throughout the office environment.
This scent marketing technology is affordable, easy to install, and with thousands of scents and scent combinations available, you can choose a fragrance that not only eliminates dental office smell but also:
  • Improves patient mood
  • Enhances your brand
  • Decreases staff stress


The Aroma Impressions Advantage

If you want to eliminate negative dental scents in your office, we can deliver:

  • Consistency of scent throughout your facility
  • Customization of scent that achieves specific objectives
  • A variety of scents within target zones


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