Strengthen Your Dental Practice Brand with an Aroma Machine

You know how important it is that your dental patients keep their appointments.


But did you know that:

  • Twenty percent of Americans are so anxious about making those appointments that they only do so when absolutely necessary?
  • Even worse, five to eight percent of those avoid making appointments altogether.
These statistics underscore how critical it is for your patients to have a good experience with your dental practice brand when they do make appointments.
Your brand is more than your logo, stationary and marketing materials. It encompasses your patient’s total experience. Everything they see, hear and smell affects their perception of your practice.
You may have a perfectly appointed waiting room with just the right colors and overhead music for your patients, but you can strengthen your connection even more by employing the wonders of an aroma machine.


The science of scent

Research has shown that the sense of smell is connected to the memory center of the brain, which can recognize up to 10,000 different scents and recall memories associated with them.
These ‘scent memories’ connect the brain with the body to achieve targeted results.
For example, an aroma machine might be used to strengthen your dental practice brand to: improve patient perception, add an extra sensory component, or strengthen brand preference.


How Scenting Works

The strategy of scenting is a quick two-step process:

First: Choose a scent or scent combination that’s been shown to achieve the desired outcome
Second: Employ a cold-infusion scent aroma machine which:
  • Atomizes fragrance oils
  • Converts them into molecules
  • Disperses them throughout the office

It really is that simple.


Enhance Your Brand with Scent marketing

Here are four ways scent marketing can enhance your dental practice brand:

  • Improve perception: research shows that ambient scenting has a positive effect on patient perception of service quality, cleanliness, and personal wellness.
  • A new sensory component: the more senses you can engage in your brand, the stronger connection you build with your patients. The visual component of your waiting room décor combined with the auditory sense of targeted overhead music can work in tandem with the sense of scent to provide an even stronger emotional anchoring attachment.
  • Encourage brand preference: scent can work to build your brand by connecting a positive smell with a positive experience, thereby creating a positive brand connection.
  • Create a signature scent: some businesses create a unique signature scent in order to increase brand loyalty. Using a signature scent is just one more way marketers can distinguish their brand from the competition.


Scent: An Extra Edge

Scent might be the extra edge your dental practice needs to build a stronger brand and in doing so, a stronger connection with patients. Plus, you’ll be glad to know that scent is affordable and easy to install.


The Aroma Impressions Advantage

If you want to eliminate negative dental scents in your office, we can deliver:

  • Consistency of scent throughout your facility
  • Customization of scent that achieves specific objectives
  • A variety of scents within target zones


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