Five Reasons Why Memory Care Centers Prefer a Cold Air Diffuser

Memory Care Specialist Bailie Tinney has used all types of scent products in her memory care programs for years.

But it wasn’t until she met Aroma Impressions CEO Bryant Wilson that she was introduced to the future of scent for memory care: cold air scent diffuser machines.

“I met Bryant at a conference, saw the Aroma Impressions scent machines and thought, ‘Those would be perfect in our memory care centers,’” she said. “These machines give us broad coverage, are efficient, convenient, safe and come with great customer service.”


Scent: A Key Element in Memory Care

Since childhood, Bailie has been passionate about helping individuals with dementia after watching her great-aunt suffer from Alzheimer’s and her grandfather from Parkinson’s.

After earning her bachelor’s in child development and her master’s in occupational therapy, Bailie became a certified dementia practitioner (CDP) and a certified Alzheimer’s disease dementia care trainer (CADDCT). Today she works across the country consulting through Look Beyond Dementia.

“In memory care centers where I consult, work to control the environment to help transition residents through the different phases of the day.” she says. “Scent marketing is a key element in our memory care centers.”

When Bryant demonstrated the cold-air scent diffusers, she saw five distinct advantages over other methods:


Advantage #1: Coverage

Thanks to the coverage afforded by cold air diffuser machines, scent is dispersed evenly throughout a space rather than in a concentrated location.

“Cold air diffuser machines are designed to disperse scent throughout large interior spaces,” says Bryant. “They do this by atomizing synthetic oils, converting them into molecules lighter than air allowing the scent to evenly disperse in large areas.”  

This feature ensures that scent is consistent throughout a facility and effective wherever residents happen to be.

“I like the fact that residents who stay in their rooms get the same benefit of the scent as the ones who are in activity rooms, dining rooms or hallways,” says Bailie.


Advantage #2: Efficiency

Cold air diffuser systems are more efficient than traditional means.

Cold-air scent diffusers can cover up to 4000 square feet of space and can even be installed into air conditioning systems so that scent is dispersed through air systems.


Advantage #3: Safety

The technology of cold-air diffusion machines ensures that oils are dispersed in microscopic molecules, greatly reducing the risk of a negative reaction.

“State regulations require that we have MSDS (documents that instruct how to handle ingestion) on all oils in case residents were to drink them,” says Bailie. “We do that but the risk that comes with ingestion is still there. With the Aroma Impressions system, the solutions are locked inside the machine and you can’t get in without a key.”


Advantage #4: Convenience

Other issues with conventional methods are that they are labour-intensive, requiring staff to be mindful of changing the scents several times a day and keeping them full.

“With the Aroma Impressions system, you simply screw a bottle of aroma into the machine to change the scent; but other than that, it’s on an automatic timer,” says Bailie. “Our staff can change the scent and go on to their other patient care duties quickly.”

Advantage #5: Great Customer Service

Customer service is part of the package at Aroma Impressions. “Working with Aroma Impressions is a natural fit for me,” says Bailie. “Their goals are our goals and working with them has been great.”


The Future Is Here

Offering coverage over large spaces, efficiency, convenience, safety and personalized customer service, Aroma Impressions cold-air diffusion systems are the future of memory care center scent programs.