Scent Your Veterinary Waiting Room to Eliminate Malodors

Article Focus: If your veterinary practice needs an easy win, we have one for you: scent your veterinary waiting room to eliminate malodors.

What Does Your Veterinary Clinic Waiting Room Smell Like?
When your clients walk into your veterinary clinic waiting room, one of the first things they notice is how it smells.

If your clinic is a mélange of musty dog hair, essence of feline spray and industrial cleaning agents you’re missing an opportunity to not only make your clients feel more at ease, but to build your brand as well.

That’s because the sense of smell is connected to the memory center (limbic system) of the brain and scents are tied to specific memories. Depending on what scent is wafting through your waiting room, it can work for or against you.

Unfortunately, a room full of cats, dogs and other furry creatures produce a collective scent that is often unpleasant.

But there is something you can do about it.

A new scent technology system can help you use scent to your advantage and create a clean-smelling, refreshing environment that relaxes both animal and owner.

These Antiquated Scent Solutions Don’t Work
As the familiar saying goes, ‘you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression.’

And for a long time, when it came to the elimination of malodors, you had choices that were inconsistent, ineffective or those that reeked of strong chemicals.

Choices such as:
• Janitorial scent products with little to no consistency of scent
• Ineffective plastic containers of scented cardboard strips and gels, which lose 30-40% of their strength soon after installation
• Aerosol sprays, which have limited reach and strength
• Mops and bleach-based janitorial products, which make your waiting room smell like a janitor’s closet.

New Scenting Technology and How Scent Works
But new cold-diffusion scent distribution systems are changing the way veterinarian offices are scenting their waiting rooms. These systems atomize essential oils, converting them into lighter-than-air molecules and dispersing them throughout the environment – not just in one small area. They enable you to choose from thousands of different scents or scent combinations. No more bleach smells, blue mint cardboard scents or sickening Honeysuckle Rose floral sprays. Finally, these systems empower you to use scent as part of your brand, making your waiting room a pleasant experience.

Make Scent Work For You
Instead of using old-fashioned scent solutions, why not try new technology to use scent to eliminate malodors in your veterinary clinic waiting room, and employ scents that promote the feelings you want your owners and pets to experience?

Here are some scents that will do just that:
• White tea and bamboo can make a memorable first impression on your clients and even encourage them to look forward to experiencing the scent on return visits.
• ‘Royal Palm’ scent can neutralize odors as well as make your waiting room smell clean and fresh.
• ‘Southern Spring’ scent also neutralizes odors and evokes the familiar smell of a beautiful spring day.

Use Scent to Eliminate Malodors in Your Veterinary Clinic Waiting Room
Offer your clients and their pets a pleasant and more effective option than traditional scent solutions. Let us send you free no-obligation samples of some of our most popular scents for veterinary clinic waiting rooms. If you like what you smell, we can have your waiting room scented in just a few days.

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