Five Ways Aroma Machines Can Benefit Your Business

Five Ways Aroma Machines Can Benefit Your Business

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When it comes to scenting for business, there are two primary reasons for doing so: either to mask an unpleasant odor or to promote scents that achieve strategic objectives. Either way, aroma machines are the best way to scent your business efficiently, safely and conveniently.

Only a few years ago your scenting choices were limited to: plastic containers of scented cardboard strips and gels, aerosol sprays and beach-based janitorial products.

The problem is, each of these have real drawbacks:
• Plastic containers lose 30-40% of their strength soon after installation.
• Aerosol sprays offer limited reach and strength.
• And bleach-based janitorial products make your business smell like a janitor’s closet.

If you’re scenting your business with any of these methods, there’s a better way. It’s called “aroma machines”, or more specifically, a “cold-air scent diffusion system”. And it’s changing the way businesses are scenting their spaces.

How Aroma Machines Work

Aroma machines atomize synthetic oils, convert them into lighter-than-air molecules and disperse them throughout an entire space – not just in one small area.

From lobbies and offices, and from conference rooms to large meeting areas, these aesthetic-friendly machines are designed to dispense just the right amount of aroma to fill the assigned space.

The system enables you to choose from thousands of different scents or scent combinations, which empower you to use scent as part of your brand, make deeper connections with your customers, and even motivate them to buy.

Here are five distinct benefits that aroma machines offer:

#1: Coverage
Thanks to the coverage afforded by aroma machines, scent is dispersed evenly throughout a space rather than in a concentrated location. This feature ensures that scent is consistent throughout a space, effective, and provides excellent coverage 100% of the time.

#2: Efficient
Aroma machines are more efficient than traditional means. They can cover up to 4000 square feet of space and can even be installed into air conditioning systems so that scent is dispersed through air systems.

#3: Safe
The technology of aroma machines ensures that oils are dispersed in microscopic molecules, greatly reducing the risk of a negative allergic reaction to the oils.

In addition, the oils are locked inside the aroma machine and inaccessible without a key. This prevents children or patients in places like memory care centers accessing the oils and ingesting them.

#4: Convenient
Conventional scenting methods are labor-intensive, requiring a staff member to change the scent dispenser several times a day, spray aerosol into the air, or mop with bleach products.

To refill an Aroma Impressions aroma machine, you simply screw a new bottle of aroma oil into the dispenser. Other than that, it’s on an automatic timer. Staff can change the scent quickly and continue with their other duties.

Aroma machines can also come equipped with WiFi connectivity, so that oils can be monitored and adjusted remotely. This makes maintenance nearly hands-free.

#5: Great Customer Service
What you also don’t get with more traditional scenting methods is great customer service – or in fact, any customer service at all. Customer service is part of the package when you use an Aroma Impressions scent distribution system.

Aroma Impressions Aroma Machines: An All-Inclusive Model

At Aroma Impressions, we provide everything you need to scent your business. That includes an aroma machine and a full monthly supply of your chosen aroma oil or oils. We also maintain the hardware and provide a full replacement if any problems arise.

Give us a call and let’s talk about how an aroma machine can benefit your business!