What is Scent Marketing: The Most Powerful Scent Solution for Business

What is Scent Marketing: The Most Powerful Scent Solution for Business

what is scent marketing

What is scent marketing? You might be unfamiliar with the term, but you’ve no doubt experienced the powerful influence it can have on your decisions.

For example:
• If you’ve ever walked through a mall and breathed in the decadent aroma of cinnamon rolls wafting from a Cinnabon shop – and then stopped to enjoy one – you’ve experienced scent marketing.

• If you’ve ever walked out of an Abercrombie & Fitch store with a purchase, arrived home and smelled their familiar cologne as you donned your new shirt, you’ve experienced scent marketing.

• And if you’ve walked through your gym and noticed that it smelled fresh and invigorating – not like sweat, stinky shoes and dirty gym clothes – you’ve experienced scent marketing.

What is Scent Marketing: More Than Just a Pretty Smell

For years, bakers, retailers and fitness centers have employed the use of scent. But traditional delivery systems such as candles, dispensers, plug-ins and aerosol sprays have proven inefficient: coverage is limited, strength is inconsistent and the scent is weak.

But technology has caught up with scent to create a powerful tool that merges sophisticated scent machines with high-quality essential oils to offer a scent delivery system with broad coverage, consistent strength and high-quality aromas.

This new scent delivery system empowers scent marketing to:
• Attract new customers
• Increase sales
• Grow brand recognition
• Heighten brand perception
• And increase customer satisfaction

Scent is no longer just a pretty smell.

The Nose: A Marketing Touch Point Goldmine

The power of scent marketing is made possible by the power of the human nose.

Because the human olfactory system is linked to the part of the brain that controls memory and emotion, the sense of smell may be the most important sense to marketers.

In fact, a Rockefeller University study found that in the short-term humans remember:
• One percent of what we touch
• Two percent of what we hear
• Five percent of what we see
• Fifteen percent of what we taste
• And thirty-five percent of what we smell.

Clearly, the human sense of smell is a marketing touch point goldmine.

How Scent Marketing Works

This new scenting technology taps into the power in our noses by placing high-quality aroma oils into cold air diffusion systems called ‘scent machines’ and dispersing aromas that connect with the brain’s memory center and help influence human behavior.

Scent machines offer:
• Consistent coverage: Scent is dispersed evenly rather than in a concentrated location.

• Efficiency: A single machine can deliver consistent scent up to 4,000 square feet. The machines can even be installed in air conditioning systems so that scent is dispersed through air ducts.

• Safety: Aroma oils are locked inside scent machines so there’s no risk of small children or curious patients in memory care centers or nursing homes ingesting them.

• Convenience: Scent machines are low maintenance. Scents are easily replaced and they’re set on automatic timers so human involvement is kept to a minimum.

Plus, thousands of scents and scent combinations are available, offering businesses just as many possibilities to influence memories and emotions that elicit desired responses.

Success is in the Numbers

If you have any doubts about the effectiveness of scent marketing, the numbers don’t lie. Research studies performed in a variety of settings across a broad spectrum of applications prove that scent marketing works.

For example:
• Retailers use scent to encourage shoppers to linger and increase sales. Research has shown that shoppers tend to stay an average of 15 minutes longer in locations using a scent solution. A different study found that Samsung shoppers underestimated actual shopping time by 26% and visited three times more product categories when exposed to scent marketing.

• Hospitals use scent to keep claustrophobic patients calm before and during MRI scans. One Florida imaging center documented that when using the scent of vanilla, patients experienced 63% less anxiety.

• Casinos use scent to not only dissipate the smell of smoke but also to encourage patrons to play the slots. A study conducted by the Hilton Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas found that gambling revenues increased by 54% when scent was used near slot machines.

And those are just three examples. There are many more in industries ranging from hospitality and automotive to dental offices and memory care centers.

Discover the Power of Scent Marketing

Scent is no longer a waiting room perk or a solution to malodors. Scent works subtly behind the scenes to influence behavior, increase comfort and even decrease anxiety.

Every day, more and more businesses are discovering the answers to ‘what is scent marketing?’

Why not tap into the power of scent marketing and discover what it can do for your business?

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