How To Deliver Targeted Scents in Your Senior Care Center

If you’re using scent in your senior care facility just to make it smell nice, you may be missing valuable opportunities to connect with and influence your key audiences.

That’s because scent is more than just a pretty smell.


New state-of-the-art scent distribution systems can deliver targeted scents throughout your senior care facility to achieve such strategic objectives as:

  • Create memorable first impressions
  • Calm patients
  • Help orient memory patients
  • Neutralize odors
  • Keep staff alert and energized


How Scent Works

Scientific studies have shown that the sense of smell is connected to the memory center of the brain (the limbic system), which can recognize thousands of scents, recalling memories associated with them.

New scenting technology atomizes high-quality aroma oils, converts them into molecules and disperses the fragrance over large spaces using cold air diffusion systems.

These systems are programmed to control scent dispersal over targeted areas, enabling you to achieve specific objectives using strategic scents.



Scent Strategy

How can you use scent to accomplish specific objectives in your senior care facility? Consider these five examples.


Make a Memorable First Impression

Scents such as white tea and bamboo can make a memorable first impression on visitors when they step into your lobby.  These scents can trigger familiar memories, which make guests feel at home, enhance perception, elevate mood and even lengthen the visit.


Keep Patient Calm and Oriented

The scents of lavender and vanilla in your halls can help calm patients and even recall comforting memories. In fact, Germany’s Tubingen University conducted a study proving that vanilla fragrance reduces the ‘startle’ reflex


Neutralize Odors

Everyone associates the scent of pine or lemon with cleaning. But why would you want your senior care facility to smell like a janitor’s closet?  Instead, using scents created by perfumers in your soil room can neutralize odors without the area smelling like a mop bucket.


Keep Staff Alert

Scent work areas with cinnamon to help keep your staff alert and energized.

Hospitals are using the scent of cinnamon to do just that: keep their employees alert, energized and engaged during long shifts of patient care. Research has also shown that the scent of cinnamon can also produce feelings of joy as well as reduce drowsiness and irritability.

If you want to reduce stress levels, use citrus.  Some healthcare facilities have documented up to 40 percent reductions in stress levels after introducing citrus scents into their workplace environments.


More Than Just a Pretty Smell

Clearly, scent has advantages that go beyond the cosmetic.  Scent may just be the best marketing investment your patients, families and staff never see.

Plus, scent is inexpensive and easy to install in your senior care facility.