The Power of Scent Machines for Business to Reduce Work-Related Stress in Your Dental Practice

Working in a dental practice isn’t for the faint-hearted.
Late appointments, anxious patients, and staff conflicts can create stress levels that lead to emotional, physical and relational problems.
In fact, a United Kingdom study found that 36% of dental office employees suffer from the effects of work-related stress.
But there is a simple solution that dental practices are using to combat the effects of work-related stress.
More and more dental practices are using scent machines for business to reduce work-related stress. That’s because scent has been scientifically proven to affect emotions, moods and even physical feelings. It’s a powerful tool, yet subtle and pleasant.


The Science of Scent

Research has shown that the sense of smell is connected to the memory center of the brain, which can recognize up to 10,000 different scents and recall memories associated with them.
These ‘scent memories’ connect the brain with the body to achieve targeted results.
For example, scent machines for business might be used in dental practices to reduce stress, encourage feelings of calm and even elevate moods.


How Scenting Works

The strategy of scenting is a quick two-step process:

First: Choose a fragrance that’s been shown to achieve the desired outcome
Second: Employ a cold-infusion scent distribution system which:
  • Atomizes fragrance oils
  • Converts them into molecules
  • Disperses them throughout the office
It really is that simple.


The Proof of Scent’s Power

The power of scent to relieve work-related stress has been proven by a number of scientific studies.

For example:

  • Some healthcare facilities have documented up to 40 percent reductions in stress levels after introducing citrus scents into their workplace environments.
  • A patent by International Flavors and Fragrances details research showing that nutmeg oil has stress-reducing effects.
  • Germany’s Tubingen University conducted a study proving that the fragrance of vanilla reduces the ‘startle’ reflex.
  • Researchers have found that the scent of the vanilla bean elevates feelings of joy and relaxation.


Scent: An Extra Edge

Scent machines for business might be the extra edge your dental practice needs to lower stress levels and create a more relaxed and healthier work environment for your staff. Plus, scent is affordable and easy to install.


The Aroma Impressions Advantage

If you want to eliminate negative dental scents in your office, we can deliver:

  • Consistency of scent throughout your facility
  • Customization of scent that achieves specific objectives
  • A variety of scents within target zones


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