Scent Machine for Business … the Future of Scent Marketing

Scent Machine for Business … the Future of Scent Marketing

Scent technology has come a long way since the scented candle, wall-mounted dispenser and aerosol air freshener. Today, a state-of-the-art scent machine for business offers distinct advantages over the more traditional approaches to scenting.

These high-tech systems offer the safest and cleanest way to scent your business. Rather than use heat, a fan or evaporation, these systems employ ‘cold-air diffusion technology’ which uses filtered air to atomize essential oils, convert them into invisible molecules, and disperse them throughout your business space.

And unlike diffusers that require water, dilution or heat, a scent machine using cold-air diffusion technology creates a scent that lasts longer and is consistent.

These scent machines not only do the heavy lifting, but they are also economical and operate virtually hands-free.

If your business has not yet introduced scenting into the environment – or if you’re using less effective methods such as candles, dispensers and aerosols – here are three reasons why a scent machine should be the future of your scent marketing.

Advantage #1: A Scent Machine for Business Has You Covered

One of the primary drawbacks of traditional scenting methods is that coverage is limited to a small space. Most often the scent covers only the room in which the device is employed – and more often than not – the scent falls short of covering the entire room.

Thanks to the coverage afforded by cold-air diffusion machines, a scent machine disperses scent evenly throughout a space rather than in a concentrated location. By atomizing synthetic oils and converting them into invisible molecules, these systems maximize the reach of the scent, so that one machine can cover thousands of square feet of space.

This feature ensures that scent is consistent and effective throughout a facility.

Advantage #2: A Scent Machine for Business Will Make Your CFO Smile

Cold-air infusion systems are also more economical than traditional methods of scenting.

Since candles, diffusers and aerosol sprays offer limited reach, it takes a lot of them to get the necessary coverage. That multiplies the cost of scenting.

With a scent machine for business, you pay one affordable monthly fee for both the machine and essential oils. No more shopping trips for candles, diffusers and sprays.

Advantage #3: A Scent Machine for Business Does the Work so You Don’t Have To

Another drawback of traditional methods is that they require hands-on intervention several times a day to keep them operational.

Who has time for that?

With a scent machine for business, you push a cartridge into the machine to install or change the scent; but other than that, it’s on an automatic timer. Maintenance is kept to a minimum and your staff can concentrate on the important things – like serving your customers and making your business money.

The Future Is Here

Clearly, scent machines have the edge over traditional scenting methods.

Complete scent coverage, economical savings and hands-free maintenance make scent machines for business the present and the future of scent marketing programs.